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A Weekend in Puzzleburg

is a cozy slice-of-life role-playing game with over 180,000 ways your weekend vacation can play out. No need to fight monsters or save the world from impending doom - you've merely booked a relaxing weekend getaway in a town known for its puzzles. Welcome to Puzzleburg!

"Open-Town" Rather Than Open-World

Experience an open-world game set in a cozy resort town.  Get to know the townspeople, and you'll soon find your way around like a local.

Experience the Joys of Traveling

A new town means a new you. Define your character's backstory - or even get your hair dyed a crazy color. Anything goes while on vacation. 

Simple Controls, Complex Characters

Immerse yourself in deep, character-driven quest lines and puzzles that rely solely on brainpower, not how fast you can press buttons.

Book a weekend in Puzzleburg.

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