A Weekend in Puzzleburg

is a cozy slice-of-life role-playing game with over 180,000 ways your weekend vacation can play out, available on Steam now. No need to fight monsters or save the world from impending doom - you've merely booked a relaxing weekend getaway in a quaint resort town. Welcome to Puzzleburg!

"Open-Town" Rather Than Open-World

Experience an open-world game set in a cozy resort town.  Get to know the townspeople, and you'll soon find your way around like a local

Experience the Joys of Traveling

A new town means a new you. Define your character's backstory - or even get your hair dyed a crazy color. Anything goes while on vacation

Simple Controls, Complex Characters

Immerse yourself in deep, character-driven quest lines and puzzles that rely solely on brainpower, not how fast you can press buttons

Book a weekend in Puzzleburg today

Why make There's Always a Madman: Do Your Worst?

After releasing There’s Always a Madman: Fight or Flight about the male superspy Franklin Benjamin, I wanted to turn my attention to the female superspy Virginia West (only ever referred to as Virginia, no last name, in the first game).   For too long, I have consumed stores about capable female spies who go overlooked because her male counterpart steals the limelight, whether that’s all the wa...

Free demo now available for "There's Always a Madman: Do Your Worst"

The free demo for the spy thriller interactive novel There's Always a Madman: Do Your Worst is now available to play for free on Steam. You can wishlist the game and play the free demo on Steam here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2960890/Theres_Always_a_Madman_Do_Your_Worst There's Always a Madman: Do Your Worst is a single-player spy thriller interactive novel where you play as a female...

There's Always a Madman: Fight or Flight

Play as secret agent Franklin Benjamin in this spy thriller interactive novel. Can you prevent the launch of satellites containing offensive firepower that would grant a madman total world domination?

Drive fast cars, seduce beautiful women, assume false identities, and do whatever is necessary to save the day against impossible odds. Because there's always a madman, and you're the best agent we've got!

Uncover the Identity of the Madman du jour

There's a madman threatening the world with sophisticated satellite technology that can strike anywhere at any time. So it's up to you to ferret out his identity and bring him to justice

Think Before You Shoot

As a secret agent, it's not about who has the fastest trigger finger. Put your mind to good use and make intelligent in-the-moment decisions on how best to handle your current predicament. Only by out-thinking your opponents can you survive to tell the tale

Short and Not-So-Sweet

In this two-hour experience, you may have to do some not-so-nice things to succeed - like engaging in shootouts, fistfights, and high speed chases. But that's okay - as they say, nice guys finish last. And we need you to come out on top

Accept this mission to save the world from a madman

There's Always a Madman: Do Your Worst

Play as secret agent Virginia West in this single-player spy thriller interactive novel. See if you have what it takes to stop a silver-loving madman known as The Silver Fox from destroying the Golden Gate Bridge!

Sometimes it's best ... to do your worst!

Sequel or Standalone

Takes place after the events of There’s Always a Madman: Fight or Flight but tells a self-contained story. No prior knowledge required

Cat and Mouse

Come face-to-face with a madman and uncover his scheme without revealing your own identity, agent!

Don't Hold Back

You may have to do some not-so-nice things to succeed. But that's okay - as they say, well behaved women rarely make history

Accept this new mission to save the world from a madman

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